MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Sleeping Mask

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MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Sleeping Mask

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The Secret of fresh & healthy skin:

MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Sleeping Mask

100 Milliliter








Moisture and a purifying herbal complex provides the look of "Sleeping Beauty" to your skin!




  • provides lots of moisture at night

  • better adherance of make up the othe day

  • energy for tired skin

  • removes dark circles

  • purifies and calms




  • Light gel texture absorbs to skin and provide enriched moisture!

  • Moisturized until next morning! Fill the moisture to the skin!






  • Evening primrose, which blooms by enduring the severe cold has powerful life force.

    It has high skin calming benefic and also helps to care exhausted skin during daytime to healthy and nourished skin over night.

  • “Herb complex” for skin purification

    It helps to care healthy skin by recharging and purifying the exhausted skin over night by containing lavender, rosemary, sage, chamomile and peppermint.






Before going to bed, at the last step of skin care, apply an appropriate amount on skin avoiding eye and lip area and sleep. Face wash next morning with lukewarm water.


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