MISSHA Near Skin Dustless Bubble Pack To Foam

MISSHA Near Skin Dustless Bubble Pack To Foam

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100 g = 19.89 €

MISSHA Near Skin Dustless Pack To Foam







MISSHA Near Skin Dustless – skincare, which neutralizes dust & ozone!

With a „Fine Dust Protection System“ it nourishes your skin clear & healthy and makes it radiant like clear blue sky!


The 3-in-1 bubble pact to foam to help cleanse away impurities and harmful dust from skin all at once with its 3-step absorption synergy.





  • 3 in 1 product

  • clay pack, bubble massage & foam cleanser in one

  • refreshes tired skin

  • protects skin of harmfull factors

  • removes dust, make up residues and old skin cells softly

  • moisture and a clear, light feeling









* What is a dust binding formula?

When apply it on skin, a clay to form a network with a positive charge makes a protective film to absorb a dust with a negative charge.

* What is a cationic micro bubble?

Micro bubbles with a cationic polymer absorb impurities with a negative charge.



Cleansing Test:





It washes off not only the fine dust & impurities but also makeup as well with a moisturizing finish.











  1. Apply it onto the dry face(before or after the first cleansing step).

  2. Micro bubbles are generated gradually after applying (Take 3-5mins bread after applying).

  3. It turns into cleansing foam with coming up extra bubbles when put some water. Gently massage and wash off it thoroughly.

  4. Enjoy the clear and bright skin after washing the face!






  • It doesn’t spoil, so you can use it with confidence.

  • If it is sealed, the bubbles are restored.

  • It is recommended to use a spatula inside the package.

  • After opening the product, it might looks like the content is not enough. However, this is the right amount for the safe usage because its texture rises.



Use MISSHA Dustless Series in following direction:





Pack to Foam > Clarifying Toner > Defense Serum > Defense Sublock





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