MISSHA Time Revolution Bridal Cream (Repair Firming)

MISSHA Time Revolution Bridal Cream (Repair Firming)

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100 ml = 97.80 €

MISSHA Time Revolution Bridal Cream (Repair Firming)







MISSHA Time Revolution Bridal Cream defines beauty in a new way:

The three conditions for beautiful, healthy skin are moisture, elasticity and a radiant complexion. Firming cream to help care thoroughly for smooth and elastic skin.







  • Elastic skin full of energy

  • Smooth skin full of moisture

  • Highclass nutrition

  • Anti Aging

  • Whitening










  1. The elastic texture from highly concentrated active ingredients makes the skin smooth and elastic.

  2. Peptides increase the vitality of the skin and ensure a firm skin.

  3. Comfrey leaf extracts soothe irritated skin areas and protect them from harmful external influences.











  • A flower complex provides a plump hydration and a bright glowing complexion full of energy.

  • Low and high molecular weight collagen fills in wrinkles from the inside and smoothes the skin effectively.

  • Comfrey extract soothes irritated skin areas and clarifies the skin.






Take as final step of your skin care a small amount of cream on your hands and distribute evenly on your face. Tap it gently then, in order to optimize the absorption.










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