MISSHA Fix Me Make-Up Fixer

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MISSHA Fix Me Make-Up Fixer

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100 ml = 22.00 €

MISSHA Fix Me Make-Up Fixer




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Make Up Fixer for extra-durable make-up and additional moisturizer.




-      extra-long lasting make Up

-      no smearing and clogging

-      without the hassle of distension

-      simple to use




  1. Film fixing polymer coats your makeup with a light and airy protective coat and makes it durable and smudge-proof for a long time. Even after 6 hours, your make up looks like freshly applied.

  2. Extra fine particles coat the make-up with a delicate protective sheath and a planar magic complexion.

  3. Pure moisture with bamboo water and extracts of Centella Asiatica, which cools additionally enjoyable and soothes irritated skin.


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Spray the Fixer before and / or after applying the make up from a distance of 20-30 cm with closed eyes on your face and wait 30 seconds until the protective layer has completely formed.


Hold the spray button always clean. Unplug it after use of spray and clean it in lukewarm water if it no longer functions properly.




Q: Is there skin tension after using the Make Up Fixers?

A: During the drying of the protective layer, it can temporarily come to a subtle feeling of tension. But MISSHA Fix Me Make Up Fixer guarantees a minimum tight feeling at maximum fixing effect.

Q: How can I increase the benefit of the Fixer?

A: The make-up fixer works best with powder make-up. You can improve the fixing effect by completing your makeup with powder and then use the Fixer. Do not touch your face even before the protective layer has trained fully.


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