MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence

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MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence

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100 ml = 60.00 €

Total anti-aging essence to help promote a youthful-looking complexion.


MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence

Volume 80ml














1. Permeating deeper and faster with ultrafine size

Anti-aging ingredient with ultrafine particle size that is 0.2 micron permeates to the skin faster and deeper, enabling to promote a glowing skin only with one touch.


2. 8 kinds of effective anti-aging function!

A capsule made of phospholipid, one of the skin components, locks the anti-aging ingredients which Immortal Youth only maintains and it is delivered to the skin, promoting 8 kinds dramatic change to the skin with strong effectiveness.


3. Long lasting benefit with structure of multilayer liposome

General essence product usually provides the active ingredients to the skin all at once by the time it is touched to the skin; however, Immortal Youth Blue Essence with liposome structure which is like an onion that is laid over and over prolongs the effect since it delivers the active ingredients step by step.  




What is Liposome?

Liposome is structured with lecithin that has a similar structure of the one with the skin and wraps up the active ingredients. This helps the active ingredients to be delivered more effectively to the skin. 




Check out blue-colored ultra fine particles with your own eyes!

0.2 micron size particle that is the same as 2mm over ten thousand makes blue color because it has higher refractive index of light than the general oil type.





EPIGENOMYL R that is enriched with oligosaccharide extracted from calendula flower helps take a good care of skin that has complex troubles caused by external environment and life routine. 








After washing the face, take an appropriate amount by pumping 2~3 times and softly roll from the inside to the outside of the face until fully absorbed.  



Use  MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth - Series in following direction:





The First Treatment Essence > Moisturizer > Blue Essence > Eye Cream EX > Cream > Stick Eye Cream





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