MISA Cho Gong Jin Peel Off Pack

MISA Cho Gong Jin Peel Off Pack

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100 g = 18.33 €

MISA Cho Gong Jin Peel Off Pack




Total Anti-aging Oriental HerbalSeries based on MISA Cho Gong Jin secret prescription!







Oriental herbal peel off pack helps remove dead skin cell and impurities, and make skin texture smooth and soft.





  • perfect if makeup doesn’t apply well due to the rough skin
  • smooth and soft skin texture
  • peel-off type pack to cleanly remove dead skin cell and impurities
  • soothes sensitive skin






  • Nutrition Oriental herbal peel off pack containing Gongjinbichaekdan ingredient

    Peel-off type oriental herbal pack to help provide nutirition on skin and soothes the sensitive skin.

  • Clear skin by oriental herbal powder

    Sticky honey contents including White ginseng powder & Polygonatum officinale powder help effectively remove dead skin cell and impurities and make skin texture smooth.

  • Tightening the loosened skin

    It helps tighten loosened skin and make skin healthy.




Orienteal Gongjinbichaekdan-Complex boosts your skin with nutrition and is very effective for anti-aging. This complex is prescribed very concretely in the Korean Book of Health Dongeuibogam.


Ingredients are:


  • Gongjindan is a traditional Korean herbal medicine, which is very effective for increasing of blood circulation, anti-aging and general strengthening and realaxing. It exists of Musk, Thyme, Cornus officinalis and Cervus elaphus. It´s principle is increasing of bodyfluid-circulation with lowering of body-temperatur. So a harmony can be reached, which can prevent illnes and signs of age.







To maximize nutrition of Gongjindan, Black Ginseng and Rehmannia glutinosa is added to Gongjindan prescription.


  • Black Ginseng strengthens immune system and fights stress and tiredness.

  • Rehmannis glutinosa is antibacterial and inflammatory.



Precious oriental herbs meet innovative high tech - science:






Fermented Job´s Tears Extract: Moisture-Balance.

Powder of White Ginseng and Polygynatum officinale: Removes dead skincells.

Gold: Purifies skin.

Poeny-Root: Soothes skin.

Honey-Extract: Nutrition.





After cleansing and applying MISA Cho Gong Jin Toner and Emulsion, apply an appropriate amount over the face except for eye area. After 20-30 min, remove the dried mask and apply basic skin care products once again.


Tip:  Apply the pack evenly on the face to make it easier to remove after it dries.


Cautions:  a portion of powder might subside on the bottom, and it might be applied thickly at first.



Try MISA Cho Gong Jin:





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