Missha M B.B Boomer 20ml / Make-up Primer

Missha M B.B Boomer 20ml / Make-up Primer

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100 ml = 34.50 €


20 ml




MISSHA M BB BOOMER for radiant complexion  and as ideal preparation for the daily make-up!


  • Primer to improve the durability of make-up
  • Moisturizing and long-lasting, soft skin
  • Anti-aging effect
  • with Moringa, Mannan and Squalane Olive

MISSHA BB Boomer provides your skin with plenty of moisture and prepares it perfectly for the next step in your beauty routine. In combination with this Primer, the BB cream is even more durable and gains in resistance. The effects of pearls, antioxidants and other high-quality active ingredients from nature help to make your skin radiant even more. In addition, small wrinkles are reduced.


  1. Moringa oil: effective against impurities and moisturizing
  2. Mannan: natural moisturizer that absorbs quickly
  3. Squalane: skin-friendly nutrient from the olive

MISSHA M BB Boomer is applied before BB Cream and dabbed massaging until fully absorbed. Then the BB Cream is applied evenly.




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Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream - No. 27 / 50ml Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream - No. 27 / 50ml
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