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100 ml = 70.00 €

A new level of vitality and radiance for your skin!


MISA Geum Sul Lifting Special Cream




MISSHA Geum Sul Special Lifting Cream with nourishing cream- and moisturizing oil components supplies to the depths with oriental star-active substances and conjures the skin years younger!




  • Moisture and nutrients deluxe in one cream
  • Healthy skin with strong texture
  • Radiant, smoother & clearer complexion
  • Anti Aging deluxe
  • Valuable ginseng and pure gold





  1. The Cream with balm textur combines two different consistencies: Cream for High Class-nutrients and oil for deep moisturizing. This ensures optimal moisture-oil balance of the skin.
  2. The Lifting Cream boosts the skin´s elasticity, tightens it and revitalizes with a healthy, clear radiant complexion.
  3. A 3 step - combination of oriental herbal extracts revitalizes the skin structure and strengthens the skin's resistance: Pure Gold clears the skin, Chil sam oh dan aek * strengthens and camellia oil creates a delicate protective film over the skin.


* Chil sam oh dan aek (seven different types of ginseng with five-stage fermentation) are easily absorbed by the skin and can penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin and repair damage there.




The third generation of MISA Geum Sul contains as the pre-series wild ginseng water, that deliveres moisture to the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. In addition Nephritwater purifies and has an anti-inflammatory effec.

MISHA Geum Sul is made by cold fermentation in a gold container,whereby the valuable substances are processed very gently and without loss of sensitive actives.



  • Wild ginseng is particularly revitalizing properties for tired, stressed skin.
  • Extract from the Lingshi- or Reishimushroom,which is considered in addition to ginseng and deer antler as a precious specialty of Far Eastern medicine, detoxifies and energizes tired skin and creates the pale complexion healthy and radiant young.
  • Pure Gold clears the skin.
  • Camellia oil protects the skin.










Mix the two textures before use with the enclosed spatula.

Enter the Lifting Cream on to the emulsion to your face. Tap it gently until it is absorbed.

Tip: If you use the Lifting Cream MISSHA addition to Geum Sul Rejuvenating Cream, enter the Lifting Cream thereafter.







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