MISSHA Super Aqua Glacial Water Spray

MISSHA Super Aqua Glacial Water Spray

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100 ml = 10.67 €

MISSHA Super Aqua Glacial Water Spray









MISSHA moisture spray with 94% pure glacier water for dry & heated skin!






  • Much moisture

  • skin cooling

  • Practical to takeaway

  • cooling anywhere, anytime

  • without perfume and alcohol







  1. Pure glacier water supplies dry and heated skin with moisture and cools pleasantly.

  2. Finest liquid particles absorb deep into the skin and refill there the moisture storages.








missha super aqua sparkling water mist_2.jpg




Clear glacier water from Iceland calms irritated skin and provides with moisture deeply.







missha super aqua glacial water mist_2.jpg






  1. Use the spray in the morning on your face to reduce swelling.

  2. Cool your entire body in summer with the spray.





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