MISSHA For Men Skin Rescue Sheet Mask (Pore Care)

MISSHA For Men Skin Rescue Sheet Mask (Pore Care)

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100 fl oz = 11.60 €

MISSHA For Men Skin Rescue Sheet Mask (Pore Care)




A large black sheet mask specifically for men for pore care and sebum control.


  • Clear skin through pore care and sebum control
  • Radiance skin by reducing the pore
  • Smooth skin by sebum reduction


  1. The cloth mask is larger than normal and so particularly for men. It reaches to the shaving area under the chin. Pleasantly liable without slipping or drop on the skin.
  2. The black bamboo charcoal mask clears the skin and makes enlarged pores small again.
  3. Green tea extracts and a special anti-sebum complex prevents excessive sebum production and brings the moisture-oil balance of the skin back into balance.




  • Black Charcoal: Skin clarification
  • Green tea extract: Moisture-oil balance
  • Anti sebum complex (pine needle extract, evening primrose): Pore care and Sebum control




  1. After cleansing your face, prepare your skin with some toner.
  2. Place the mask evenly over your face.
  3. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes on your face.
  4. Take off the mask and knock the mask remains gently until they have been completely absorbed.




MISSHA For Men Skin Rescue Total Care

MISSHA For Men Skin Rescue Soothing Care

MISSHA For Men Skin Rescue Pore Care






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