MISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Shining Bomb


MISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Shining Bomb

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100 g = 14.40 €

MISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Shining Bomb




Gel Masks with embossed surface for an extra of aktive essence!


  • Improves skin by gel mask including abundant essence

  • Special care for their dry and fatigued skin

  • Essence Bomb Embo Gel Mask including abundant essence in the special embossed texture supplies effectively the active ingredient to the skin







No mesh type of transparent hydro gel is adhered to the skin without irritating and delivers active substances perfectly into your skin.  


MISSHA Embo Gel Masken for you and the requests of your skin:



MISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Waterful BombMISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Shining BombMISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Nourishing BombMISSHA Embo Gel Mask_Relaxing Bomb


MISSHA Embo Gel Mask (Waterfull-Bomb)


Containing Waterfull Complex which consists of Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, and Bambusa Vulgaris Extract , it makes your skin moisturized.  



MISSHA Embo Gel Mask (Shining-Bomb)

Bright skin

Containing Shiny Complex which consists of Peal Extract Lotus Extract and Licorice Extract, it makes your skin bright and shiny.



MISSHA Embo Gel Mask (Nourishing-Bomb)

Providing nutrition

Containing Nourishing Complex which consists of Collagen, Ceramide, and Honey Extract, it makes your skin shiny and healthy.



MISSHA Embo Gel Mask (Relaxing-Bomb)

Soothing care

Containing Relaxing Complex which consists of Aloe Vera Extract, Pinus Densiflora Leaf Extract , and Chamomile Extract, it helps for skin soothing care.







Containing Shiny Complex which consists of Peal Extract Lotus Extract and Licorice Extract, it makes your skin bright and shiny.  







1. After washing the face, prepare the skin with toner.

2. Remove films from the both side of sheets after opening the pouch.

3. Placing the embo side onto the skin, spread evenly the upper part from the eyes and the lower part from the lips

4. Leave it for 20~40 minutes and remove masks. Pat leftover essence lightly to be fully absorbed.




Achtung: Aufgrund einer Chargenumstellung kann Ihr Produkt von dem auf der Abbildung abweichen. Der Inhalt ist ident!

Attention: Caused of a renewal of the charge your product can look different to the one on the picture. Ingredients are the same, however!









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