MISSHA Damaged Hair Therapy Coating Pack


MISSHA Damaged Hair Therapy Coating Pack

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100 ml = 4.90 €

MISSHA Damaged Hair Therapy Coating Pack

Volume 200 ml



Intensive hair mask nourishing damaged hair due to dyeing and perm.


  • More highly enriched nutritious care

  • Repairs damaged hair by dyeing and perm

  • Strengthens weak hair that is easily snapped and tangle

  • Soft and shiny hair




1. Similar protein in hair constituent intensively nourishes damaged hair

Keratin, Lecithin and 10 kinds of essential amino acids consisting of hair nourish damaged hair due to chemical procedure (dyeing and perm)


2. Moringa oil protects hair by preventing moisture loss

Oil from Moringa tree which is called as "miracle tree" makes your hair shiny and protects from damage.


3. Conditioning effect makes your hair soft and shiny

Resilient and creamy texture permeates hair softly to make shiny hair






After shampoo, dry slightly not to drop water, take an appropriate amount on hand and apply to hair. Rinse off after 3~5 minutes.






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