MISSHA Damaged Hair Therapy Steam Mask


MISSHA Damaged Hair Therapy Steam Mask

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100 g = 13.71 €

MISSHA Damaged Hair Therapy Steam Mask




Assembled hair mask to help care your hair easily at home with high-grade steam benefit.




- prompt nutrition supply to damaged hair

- no more worries about split ends and crumbly hair

- care easily damaged hair at home

- easy and simple treatment when traveling  




1) Easy & simple hair mask to help not to spill inner content out.

It helps use easily and cleanly without getting on inner content on hands with one step care.


2) Warm steaming benefit to help absorb high-nutrients to hair

It helps supply intensive nutrition to expanded gap of cuticle through temperature rise inside of the hair cap


3) Amino acid and nutritious ingredient which form the hair to help make your hair healthy.

Amino acid which forms the hair and Collagen, Camellia oil, and Argan oil which are effective for damaged hair to help make your hair stronger.






1) Expanded cuticle with warming benefit.

2) Intensive nutrition to expanded gab of cuticle.

3) Smooth and healthy hair








Collagen: Supply nutrition.

Silk amino acid: Moisture loss prevention.

Camellia oil, Argan oil, Jojoba seed oil: Sooth damaged hair and supply nutrition.






1) After shampooing, dry slightly.

2) Wear the hair mask applied treatment on the overall hair.

3) After placing the sticker side forward, adjust the hair mask size depending on the head size. Massage the hair thoroughly in order to make the concentrated treatment inside fully absorbed.

4) After 10-15min wash off cleanly with water.






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