MISSHA Lip Pencil [Italprism]_Melty (PP01/Carna)

MISSHA Lip Pencil [Italprism]_Melty (PP01/Carna)

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100 g = 500.00 €

MISSHA Lip Pencil [Italprism]_Melty (PP01/Carna)




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Longlasting lipsticks with soft melting texture and vibrant colors full of life from Italy Collection "Italprism"!




  • Lip make-up with strong adhesion and vivid colors

  • Simple to use

  • Lot of moisture without sticky feeling



MISSHA Italprism Lip Pencil Konzept.jpg


  1. delicate melting texture with a slight liability for a sensual lip make-up.

  2. The excellent formula with trendy colors directly from Italy for long-lasting, vivid colors.

  3. A like butter melting texture with a glossy polymer film for pure radiance without sticky feeling.







  1. Apply to the entire lips to "Dike".

  2. Veneer "Selene" on the inside of the lips.


MISSHA Italprism Lip Pencil Ombre.jpg


Tip 2:


Use as Blusher:

  1. Apply the light "Dike" on the cheeks.

  2. The Pencil is a multi-item for living cheeks.


MISSHA Italprism Lip Pencil Blusher.jpg








MISSHA Italprism Lip Pencil Colors_1.jpg


MISSHA Italprism Lip Pencil Colors.jpg


IMPORTANT: Please note that caused by differnet facts (screen brightness, skintone...) original colors can vary from those on the screen!




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