MISSHA Moist Layering Starter (Gold Topping)

MISSHA Moist Layering Starter (Gold Topping)

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100 ml = 53.33 €

MISSHA Moist Layering Starter (Gold Topping)







The starter nourishes the skin as make up base with a lot of moisture and creates a magical radiance on the skin.



  • radiant complexion
  • much moisture
  • can make up last longer


  1. Double-hyaluronic fills the skin plump with moisture and helps to save it for a long period.
  2. Hydro Polymers make large pores smaller and put an airy delicate moisture protective film on the skin, which can adhere subsequent make-up perfect.
  3. 63% Pure Honey Water and 95% pure gold fills the moisture retention of the skin and gives a healthy glow.



Comparison of skin hydration before and after using the Gold Topping starter.




  • Honey Water & double Hyaluron: Much vital moisture

  • Royal Jelly Extract & Gold: Nutrient & Vitality



Bevor BB Cream or make up take a small amount of starter and distribute it evenly on your face. Then use make-up as usual.



Strobeam Starter: Bright glowing complexion.

Moist Layering Starter: Radiant skin full of moisture

UV Pore Blur starters: Soft, smooth skin, including UV protection


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