MISSHA Signature Science Blanc Pact SPF50 / PA+++ #21 (Vanilla)


MISSHA Signature Science Blanc Pact SPF50 / PA+++ #21 (Vanilla)

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100 g = 276.67 €

MISSHA Signature Science Blanc Pact SPF50 / PA +++ # 21 (Vanilla)




Clear and radiant skin with pearl and diamond particles and 12 hours of guaranteed sebum control!


  • Radiant and flawless complexion
  • Smooth skin texture with good adhesion
  • 12 hours of sebum control
  • Pleasant base make-up without moisture loss
  • Anti Aging and Sunblock Formula


  1. Precious, fermented ingredients based on nacre and a high-quality, breathable powder complex conjures up a unique radiance on your skin.
  2. Reflective powder particles for a smooth, even complexion.
  3. A pure, light complexion is achieved with delicately lightening licorice, white flower and phyto hydration complex .
  4. Vita liposomes, birch sap and rich mineral amino acids will lastingly fill moisture your skin's stores.
  5. Super pleasant make-up thanks to Herba Care ingredients and breathable powder.   




  • A transparent powder complex revitalizes your skin and makes it shine with light-reflecting particles.
  • TN powder for a subtle, long-lasting shimmer effect.
  • Fat-soluble licorice extract provides a porcelain hint by slowing melanin production and gently lightening existing pigmentation.
  • Highly effective complexes white flower, phyto-hydration, Silver Vine, Sepicalm TM VG (a whitening amino acid enriched with water-lily extract) and Chromo Care TM. They light up your skin gently and make your skin tender and youthful.
  • Breathable powder with Saccharomyces lysate extract (antioxidant with fermented yeast extract) lays on your face like a second, airy skin.
  • Fermented nacre extract smoothes your skin and lets it shine nobly.
  • Vita liposomes for a lot of moisture and a youthful, firm complexion.



After your daily facial care and foundation or base, take a small amount of the MISSHA Signature Science Blanc Pact on the enclosed pouf and apply it lightly and evenly on your face.



  • A soft, flexible super soft puff naturally applies the powder along the skin texture for a smooth, even complexion. The 7mm thick sponge wears your makeup gently and without causing irritation. It also ensures that just the right amount of powder is delivered.

  • The smooth side of the sponge is used for good opacity.

  • The rough, flaky side of the sponge wears the make-up thin and delicate.







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