MISSHA For Men Red Power Lotion

MISSHA For Men Red Power Lotion

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100 ml = 16.50 €

Intense Power for Men:

MISSHA For Men Red Power Lotion

Volume 120ml



MISSHA For Men Urban-Soul Red Power Lotion is a richly moisturizing nutritive lotion effectively minimizes dehydration and takes care of men?s skin.

Urban-Soul Red Power is an energizing and highly nutritious skin care line for powerful and stylish men. Containing fermented ingredients like red wine and enriched fermented extracts, it provides vital energy to skin and make it sleek and firming.



  • Energizing anti-wrinkle line to make men?s skin sleek and firming with red wine and enriched fermented extracts
  • Various fermented ingredients like red wine, red berry fermented complex and enriched fermented extracts gives vitality to men?s skin to make it sleek and elastic
  • Enriched Fermented Extracts: Extracted from 6 fruits of acerola, grape, pomegranate, tomato, watermelon and chilly, it provides skin with protecting and moisturizing benefits and give vital energy to fatigued skin
  • Red Wine: Extracted from wine in Bourgogne in France and containing Polyphenol, Anthocyanin and Mineral Ingredients(K,Ca), it makes men?s skin elastic
  • Red Berry Fermented Complex: Containing world?s number 1 super fruit Acai Berry and other berries such as Raspberry, Sea Buck Thorn Berry and Wolfberry, it provides skin with protecting and strengthening benefits for sleek skin
  • Power Anti-wrinkle Formula: Strengthening elasticity, lifting and protection of skin, it helps reduce wrinkles on men?s skin and makes it firming and vitalized


After using skin toner, apply an appropriate amount over the face and pat lightly until fully absorbed.

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