MISSHA For Men Light Up BB Cream [dark skin]

MISSHA For Men Light Up BB Cream [dark skin]

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100 ml = 44.22 €

For the perfect first impression!

Anti Aging, Brightening and UV-Block in one unobtrusive BB Cream for HIM!



MISSHA For Men Light Up BB Cream [Dark Skin]

SPF 50+ / PA+++

Volume 45ml




  • Neat impression to others without recognition of BB cream

  • Without oily shine on the face

  • Anti Aging

  • Brightening

  • UV-Block SPF 50+ / PA+++




1. Light Up Your Dark Skin

With wrinkle care, whitening, and UV blocking benefits, it prevents the skin from becoming darker.

2. Fresh Skin All Day Long

With light and fresh texture, it keeps men’s skin which have a lot of sebum secretion going on fresh and soft all day long.

3. Natural Coverage

With the color that fits to men, it provides natural tone up even it is applied roughly.   












  • Coral Powder: Sebumcontroll.

  • Cloudberrys: * lots of vitamin C (Anti Aging, radiant and fresh teint) * Diosgenin for rebuilding of new collagen  * fatty acids for nutrition and moisture, skin barriere.





After skincare apply a small amount of BB cream all over our face.









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