MISSHA Colorbeam Blusher #OR02 (Orange Fantasy)

MISSHA Colorbeam Blusher #OR02 (Orange Fantasy)

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100 g = 178.00 €

MISSHA Colorbeam Blusher #OR02 (Orange Fantasy)

Volume 5g






Multi blusher helps express bright and lovely face adhering to both cheeks softly.





■ Vital and lovely face with vivid color.

■ Natural cheek-make up adhering to both cheeks.

■ Cheek & eye makeup at once with one product.



  1. Color-beam for vital face

It helps express vivid and vital face adhering to both cheeks.

  1. Vivid color staying for a long time

Containing Fine Lasting Powder, it helps keep vivid color for a long time.

  1. Multi Blusher for various ways

It can be used for vivid and colorful cheek or eye makeup.









  • Soft Focus Powder

Clear color revels through reflecting light evenly.

  • Fine Lasting Powder

Excellent adherence & long lasting.

  • Light Fitting Powder

It helps express sleek skin.










After blending it with a brush, apply it on apple zone naturally.


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