MISSHA Silky Lasting Lip Pencil (Heart Beat)

MISSHA Silky Lasting Lip Pencil (Heart Beat)

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100 g = 2,320.00 €

MISSHA Silky Lasting Lip Pencil (Heart Beat)

Volume 0,25g



Multi lip pencil for a wide selection of lip makeup with long-lasting power and smooth color.





  • Exact and natural definition of lip line

  • Express different kinds of lip makeup without spending a lot of money





■ Multi lip pencil that reveals a wide selection of lip makeup

Through just some simple drawing, it can express looks from naturally lined lips to full-coverage lips, gradient lips to two-tone lips.

■ Produces stylish silky and matte lips

Clear color and clean finish without the slightest hint of dryness help to convey stylish silky and matte lips.

■ Soft, comfortable and long-lasting

Shea butter and vitamin E derivative keeps lips soft, and the long-lasting formula helps colors to adhere for long periods of time.







■ Porous powder

Clean finish + long-lasting

■ Shea butter / Vitamin E derivative

Keeps lips soft and comfortable

■ Blueberry extract/ Blackberry extract

Boosts vitality  





Dispense about 1-2 mm of the product, and gently apply on the lips.

1) For lip line

After picking the lip pencil color that matches the lipstick of your choice, slowly trace along the lip line.

2) For full coverage lips

After tracing the lip line, gently fill it in.







WICHTIG: Bitte beachten Sie, dass aufgrund verschiedenster Faktoren (Bildschirmhelligkeit, Hautton...) die Farben im Original von denen auf der Bildschirmdarstellung abweichen können!

IMPORTANT: Please note that caused by differnet facts (screen brightness, skintone...) original colors can vary from those on the screen!







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