MISSHA Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone Up Toner

MISSHA Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone Up Toner

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100 ml = 14.67 €

Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone Up Toner






Create bright and radiant skin through improving dull complexions.


  • moist-full whitening cosmetics
  • effective and mild whitening cosmetics
  • illuminating skin like pure snow
  • care for step by step with the basic skin care system
  • prevent skin from latent harmful environment



With benefit of whitening ingredients, snow lotus flower extract and vitamin tree extract, this series helps improve dull complexion to make bright and radiant snow-white skin.


  • Early Whitening Care: Whitening ingredients help care various skin troubles such as dull complexion.
  • Moisture Care: Vitamin tree extract and rice ferment water help keeping skin moisturized to make bright and radiant skin while boosting effective whitening care. 
  • Skin soothing & protection: Snow lotus flower extract with full vitality helps soothe stressed skin and provides protection for healthy and radiant skin.


Whitening toner to help make bright and radiant skin through refining skin texture and boosting absorption of next skin care items.


* It is a soft and moist whitening toner to help care dull and rough dead skin cells and provide moisture.

* It helps soothe sensitive skin and refine the texture to be soft and smooth for boosting absorption of next skin care items.

* It is softly applied to the skin and provides moist afterfeel.






  • Precious extracts from white truffles are very rich in vitamines, minerals and amino acids and make your skin young and silky.
  • Neo White LP: As a unique ingredient stabilizing lipoic acid well known as an anti-oxidant ingredient, it helps prevent and improve consecutive skin problems of whitening like flaws, blemishes, discoloration and dull complexions to make radiant and pure show-white skin.
  • Snow Lotus Flower Extracts: It is so called Tibet's treasure due to its strong vitality against the cold, protects skin from external harmful factors like active oxygen and makes it moist and comfortable.
  • Vitamin tree extract: It is extracted from sea buckthorn containing much vitamin by extra high pressure, it delivers active ingredients to skin stably to make skin bright and radiant.
  • Rice Ferment Water: Rice has been widely used for beauty treatments. Rice Ferment Water is a fermented ingredient from Rice Bran rich in nutrients like vitamins, through brewing and provides radiance and moisture to skin.


DirectionsApply after washing the face. Soak cotton puff with toner or take an appropriate amount of toner on the palm of hands and wipe over the face lightly following skin texture.


Use MISSHA Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone Up - Series in following direction:







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