MISSHA Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask

MISSHA Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask

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100 g = 12.63 €

Say goodbye to your blackheads:

MISSHA Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask

Volume 95g



The beauty solution for complicated skin: Ghassoul includes abundant nutrition of Mineral and Magnesium. The word ?Ghassoul? derived from Arabic  ?Rassala? which means wash and clean. Ghassoul, a natural soil, is rarely collected from the deep underground of Atlas Mountain and provides you the perfect care-package for your skin.



  • Ghassoul for cleaning pores, removing makeup residues, prevent excessive  sebum and troubles on the skin It contains abundant Mineral and Magnesium ingredients to moisturize the skin
  • Ghassoul is pertains to neutral with a pH of 7.3-7.4
  • Effective on pore and  sebum improvement
  • Cleaning sebums on every hole and corner of your face: It makes it possible to effectively remove sebums
  • Available for oily areas next to the nose, chin, and the middle of the forehead Perfectly removing black heads and white heads with the Black Ghassoul benefit
  • Containing astringent ingredient including Camellia Japonica Flower extract, it?s outstanding in tightening pores
  • It prevents excessive sebum secretions while firming pores
  • Containing Moroccan Ghassoul and Hardwood Chardcoal ingredients, it makes oily skin soft and sleek by perfectly removing black heads and white heads
  • Unlike patch type nose pack, it makes it possible to effectively removes sebums every hole and corner
  • It is peel off type multi-nose pack available for oily areas next to the nose, chin and middle of the foreheads besides nose



For black heads
Apply appropriate amount onto black head area. Leave it 10~15 minutes and wash off, wipe black head with cotton bud

For Skin troubles
Before sleep, apply appropriate amount onto cotton bud, cover it onto troubled skin area.

Combination of skin troubles (Sebum, Pore, Black head)
Apply it over the face, leave it 10 - 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

After washing your face, prepare your skin with a toner. Apply an appropriate amount, as described above, of MISSHA  Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask over the necessary area and leave it for 15 minutes until completely dry. Afterwards peel off the mask.  Recommended to use 1-2 times in a week.

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