MISSHA For Men Extreme Bubble Foam

MISSHA For Men Extreme Bubble Foam

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100 ml = 4.29 €

Extreme bubbles for the modern man:


MISSHA For Men Extreme Bubble Foam

Volume 275ml







Modern men clean their faces with products for moisturizing and nutrition, for sebum- and pore control.




  1. Wash off sebum and impurities tightly.

  2. Simple skin care with a cleansing thoroughly.



1) Washing off sebum and impurities in pores thoroughly!

It helps wash off the sebum, impurities and fine dusts with dense micro bubbles formed by a triple mesh system.

2) Cleansing of elastic bubbles with adherence!

It helps provide a deep cleansing of elastic bubbles with adherence from soapberry of natural cleansing ingredient.

3) Soothing the fatigued skin gently with phytoncide ingredient!

Phytoncide ingredient helps soothe the fatigued skin for all day long gently.






  1. Chamaecyparis obtusa water: Soothing
  2. Green tea extract: Sebum and pore control.


Way to clear the stress of day with pumping 3~4 times:


  1. Prepare the face to cleanse with lukewarm water.
  2. Pump 3~4 times and place rich bubbles onto both palms.

  3. Apply bubbles onto wet face and rolling softly and rinse thoroughly.




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