MISSHA For Men Wild Recharge Cream

MISSHA For Men Wild Recharge Cream

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100 ml = 38.00 €

Workout for your skin:

MISSHA For Men Wild Recharge Cream









Highend anti aging cream with lots of nutrition & moisture tightens man´s skin and boosts it with energy & vitality. It make a light protective layer on man´s face to resist against harmful external factores.





  • Anti Aging especially for man´s skin

  • highly concentrated nutrition & moitsture in light texture

  • for a skin full of moisture and elasticity




1.  Tightening care by antioxidants

- Antioxidants such as wild rice help care wrinkles and make skin moisturized and tightened

2.  Nutritional care without greasiness

3.  Revitalizes men's skin by SUPER GRAIN COMPLEX

- SUPER GRAIN COMPLEX helps soothe men's skin and restore energy.

4.  Face fitness care

- It helps tighten sagging skin and revitalize wrinkled skin.

5. Attractive, citrus-woody scent for irresistible man´s appearance.









Tightening Super Grain Complex:


Wilde Rice: Antioxidant-effect

Qinoa: Highclass-nutrition

Avena Sativa: Soothing

Lentils: Energy




After emulsion take an appripriate amount of cream on your hands and spread it softly on your face. Pat lightly to optimize absorption.



Use MISSHA For Men Wild Recharge - Serie in following direction:


Toner > Emulsion > Cream











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