MISSHA Pure Source Pocket Pack (Rice)

MISSHA Pure Source Pocket Pack (Rice)

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100 ml = 18.50 €
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100 ml = 18.50 €

Pack to squeeze:

MISSHA Pure Source Pocket Pack (Rice)









Little pockets full of abundant ingredients of nature for your skin!

Chose the pack your skin longs for!





  • little pouches full of natural ingredients

  • more small packs instead of a big one

  • easily to squeeze and close again

  • different packs to sleep with, cleanse & peel






  • Mask pack to offer 2~3 times of use by a simple squeezing

    Pocket type of mask pack to help provide intensive benefit and simple use only squeezing it.

  • Containing rice 200mg, clear moisturizing peeling gel

    Peeling gel to care for soft skin peeling off dead skin cell from rough skin texture.

  • Mild peeling gel texture to help peel off dead skin cell softly

  • Gommage type to help organize skin texture peeling off dead skin cell softly.






Rice provides important nutrition and makes skin smooth and bright!








Rice - Smooth, vital skin with one quick peeling!







After washing the face, apply an appropriate amount over face. Massage until dead skin cell comes out and rinse with lukewarm water.





If you use it with  MISSHA Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask, you can figure out more healthy skin in next day.

According to the skin condition, use the sheet mask and sleeping pack diversely:


  • Use Peeling Gel or Peel-Off-Mask BEFORE a sheetmask!

  • Use Sleeping-Packs AFTER a sheetmask!




Choose your favorite packs:


7 Sleeping Packs:

Aloe – moisture

Honig – elasticity

Perlen – smooth, bright skin

Grüner Tee – relaxed skin full of moisture

Teebaum - fresh, clear skin

Shea Butter – deep moisture

Lemon – vitality


Wash Off – Pack:

Pomegranate - removes sebum and impurities



Rice - easy and quick peeling for bright, clear skin


Peel Off – Pack:

Lotus - fresh, moistured skin with easy peel off - pack






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