MISSHA For Men Be Manner Body Spray

MISSHA For Men Be Manner Body Spray

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100 ml = 6.40 €

MISSHA For Men Be Manner Body Spray









Body care series for men to help get rid of men's smell and leave refreshing fragrance.




  • fresh scent all day long

  • works actively against bad smells

  • masculin fresh citrus wood scent




1. Men’s Body Odor Care

It is a body spray which takes a good care of men’s odor that comes from oxidation of sweat and sebum, washing it off thoroughly.

2. Perfume with Refreshing Fragrance

It leaves soft and refreshing fragrance for a long time after spraying.

3. Head to Toe, All At Once!

Being All Over Spray, it is not only for the body, but also for the various areas.   








Open the lock.

When you want to refresh your body, spray freely except the face.

It can be used for clothes as well. It removes the smell of cigarettes, food and even sweat.

* If it is not working properly on first use, try to open and close the pump gun once more and use it.


For extra freshness kick use  MISSHA For Men Be Manner All In One Shower Gel before!







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