MISSHA Oil-Soak Mask [Glow]

MISSHA Oil-Soak Mask [Glow]

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100 g = 9.57 €

MISSHA Oil-Soak Mask [Glow]









Oil mask soaked in lustrous oil to help care glowing and firm skin.



  • convenient sheetmask without irritation
  • soaked sheet lays smooth on the skin
  • no dropping
  • firming and silky glow for dry skin






  1. Enriched moisture from fully soaked lustrous oil!

    - Lustrous oil to help create skin firm and glow by absorbing refreshingly without sticky touch.

  2. Soft sarcandra sheet from natural ingredients

    Ivory color of natural sarcandra herb fabric to help remind nude skin and provide smooth touch by silky structure.



Argan oil which prevents evaporation of moisture and transfer enriched nourishment by containing vitamin E helps to care firm and lustrous skin.








  1. After cleansing and the use of a toner take the mask from the box and unfold it.

  2. Place the mask sheet flat on your face, by avoiding the eyes and mouth.

  3. Let the sheet mask 10-20 minutes on your face.

  4. Pat leftover essence lightly to be fully absorbed.






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