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Near Skin Egg Yellow Pack

Volume 100ml






Elastic mask pack to help make skin firm with egg yolk extract and moisturized with abundant yellow mousse.




(1) Abundant nutrition of yolk help make skin elastic

Lecithin ingredient extracted from egg yolk help provide abundant nutrition and elasticity to skin.


(2) Improving skin condition with creamy mousse pack

Creamy mousse pack contains enriched bubble to apply onto skin softly and helps improve skin condition to take make up well.


(3) Sleek and moist skin

It contains an milk protein extract and cacao butter to help make dry skin to be sleek and moisturized.


Main Ingredients



Yolk Extract: Express elastic skin!

It contains lots of nutrition ingredient such as Lecithin and cholesterol and etc and helps make skin balanced, elastic and firm with high moisture ability.

Milk Protein Extract: Nourishing

Cacao Butter: Moisturizing




? Shake well before use. (If so, it helps form an elastic and firm mouse pack)

? Take an appropriate amount and massage gently onto the dry face.

? Wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Warming up pack!

Another way to use Near Skin Egg Yellow Pack!


Doesn?t your face take makeup well?

Improve your skin condition with Near Skin Egg Yellow Pack!

It helps promote skin to take make up well through helping make firm and elastic skin with simple massage in the morning.




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