MISSHA Ginger & Vinegar Deo Foot Mist

MISSHA Ginger & Vinegar Deo Foot Mist

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MISSHA Ginger & Vinegar Deo Foot Mist

Volume 100ml




MISSHA Ginger & Vinegar Deo Foot Mist is the perfect recipe for your feet: removing foot odor + Preventing sweat. The 99.9% anti-bacterial cooling foot deo mist prevents odor and sweat on the feet.


  • Ginger & Vinegar Deo Foot Mist relieves stress by preventing odor, bacterias and sweat on the feet through absorbing odor molecules which cause displeasure
  • Ginger plant ingredients, consist of ginger lily, ginger root, ginger water and ginger ferment vinegar, provide vitality to the feet by making old dead skin cells soft and helping blood circulation
  • The secret recipe for removing foot odor are relieving and cooling ingredients like neem seed oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and etc.
  • Ginger plant ingredients - a complex of ingredients for clean and beautiful feet such as ginger lily, ginger root, ginger water and ginger fermented vinegar
  • Ginger lily  removes bad odor generated by harmful materials
  • Ginger root is a root extract, that prevents damage of the skin
    and controls the balance of oil and water
  • Ginger water: As a ginger plant water, it relieves fatigue on the feet
    to provide vitality
  • Ginger fermented vinegar helps softening dead skin cells and callus


Spray on the fatigued feet as desired.

It is helpful to remove foot odor inside the shoes or on the feet before wearing the shoes to prevent sweat and odor.

Mechanism of causing foot odor: wastes like sweat + normal flora ? decomposition ? causing foot odor
Generally, the cause of foot odor is because foot sweat and normal flora on the skin are decomposed. Normally 70% people have foot odor due to this kind of phenomenon.
MISSHA Ginger & Vinegar Deo Foot Mist helps make clean environment around the feet by controlling harmful factors like normal flora and removing wastes like sweat.


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