MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious Toner

MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious Toner

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100 ml = 17.33 €

Moisture is a must-have for healthy & silky skin:


MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious Toner





MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious provides highclass ingredients and a lot of moisture to dry, tired skin and brings a healthy glow to the complexion.


The toner provides the skin deeply with important moisture, smoothes its texture and optimally prepares for following care.




- Lots of moisture

- Highclass nutrition

- Soothing plant extracts

- Anti Aging

- Brightening





  • The toner penetrates deeply into the skin and provides it with a lot of moisture. Rough skin becomes soft and regains its elasticity.

  • The concentrated texture of black lentils is rich in highclass nutrition and moisture depots that can be effectively delivered to the skin.

  • Plant extracts of chamomile and angelica soothe irritated and stressed skin soothe it soft and tender.









Black lentils are considered "Super Food" and include Star-active substances such as proteins, vitamines, cellulose and several important minerals.








A special multi-fermentation technology with Bacillus subtilis produced from black lentils a highly concentrated butter using a Coagulationsprotein. The resulting Polyglutamic Acis transportes naturally important moisture and high-class active ingredients that make the skin elastic and radiant.






Take after cleansing, a small amount of toner on your hands or a cotton pad and carry it on on your face. Tap it gently to optimize recording.







Use the MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious series in the following order:

Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Eye Cream > Cream









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