MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream

MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream

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100 ml = 128.00 €

Moisture is a must-have for healthy & silky skin:


MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream





MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious provides highclass ingredients and a lot of moisture to dry, tired skin and brings a healthy glow to the complexion.


The highly nourishing and moisturizing care cream supplies the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth with top-class active ingredients, making it smooth and taut and lightens dark shadows softly on.




- Lots of moisture

- Highclass nutrition

- Soothing plant extracts

- Anti Aging

- Brightening





  • Keeps the skin around the eyes feel moisturized with nourishment and moisture care

    The moisture care of the nourishing black lentil butter keeps the skin around the eyes prone to dryness and wrinkles feel moisturized and smooth.

  • Viscous eye cream firms up the skin around the eyes

    The eye cream firms up the loose skin around the eyes as it closely adheres to the like melting butter while providing a dense finish to the skin.

  • The moisture soothing effect of herbal substances comforts the skin condition

    It replenishes sensitive skin caused by dryness with moisture. The soothing herbal ingredients such as Angelica and Chamomile keep the skin condition feel comfortable and stable.








Black lentils are considered "Super Food" and include Star-active substances such as proteins, vitamines, cellulose and several important minerals.








A special multi-fermentation technology with Bacillus subtilis produced from black lentils a highly concentrated butter using a Coagulationsprotein. The resulting Polyglutamic Acis transportes naturally important moisture and high-class active ingredients that make the skin elastic and radiant.





Apply an appropriate amount around eyes and mouth and pat lightly until fully absorbed.








Use the MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious series in the following order:

Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Eye Cream > Cream








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