MISSHA Rolling Heart Ball Blusher (No.3/Aurora Shake)

MISSHA Rolling Heart Ball Blusher (No.3/Aurora Shake)

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100 g = 80.00 €

MISSHA Rolling Heart Ball Blusher (No.3/Aurora Shake)






Baked ball blusher containing 4 different color balls of heart shape to provide vitality, radiance and three-dimensional effect on face.





  • vivid colors
  • perfect adherance
  • colors full of harmony
  • soothing texture














1. Apply on eye with selecting your favorite color balls Multi-item that can be applied as eye shadow

2. It helps to provide various colors according to combination of balls.



Colors can be seen different according to the resolution of monitor and it reveals differently based on the skin color.


It may differ from the actual volume as above staged images of product.

Heart ball contains only half of the container because the puff is built-in together.










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