MISSHA for Men Aqua Breath Emulsion

MISSHA for Men Aqua Breath Emulsion

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100 ml = 11.06 €

Pure Energy with Water and Oxygen!

MISSHA for Men Aqua Breath Emulsion









MISSHA For Men Aqua Breath Emulsion provides oxygen and moisture to oily but dry skin and regulates sebum production. Skinbarriere and elasticity are forced.





  • perfect for oily skin, which feels dry 

  • soothes tight feeling after cleansing

  • skincare with lot of moisture

  • mild care without irritations

  • also for very sensitive skin because of very soft ingredients





  1.  ‘Water with abundant oxygen’ delivers mositure deep inside of skin

    Oxygen contained in Aqua Breath Toner moisturizes men's oily skin and inner-dryness by providing moisture.

  2. AQUA ACTIVE H of Aqua Breath

    AQUA ACTIVE H containing Aloe and Honey cares men's tired skin due to shave and external environment and makes skin moist a long time.

  3. Mild Care

    It can be used for every skin type because of its mild usage and low alcohol content.









After using toner take an appropriate amount on your palm and apply it on your face. Pal lightly with your fingertips to absorb it perfectly into your skin.



Use MISSHA For Men Aqua Breath - Series in following directions:





Toner > Emulsion > Cream        oder           Fluid > Cream








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