MISSHA Super Aqua Fresh Cleansing Liquid

MISSHA Super Aqua Fresh Cleansing Liquid

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100 ml = 7.20 €

MISSHA Super Aqua Fresh Cleansing Liquid






Cleansing liquid based on moisture, No contained Mineral Oil, containing 78% of moisture component.





  • cleansing without oil due to sensitive skin or eyelash extension

  • cleanses point makeup perfectly with concentrated moisture component

  • moist finish touch without feeling tight after cleansing  




Fresh and strong deep cleansing without leaving heavy point makeup residue near eyes

Perfect deep cleansing removes heavy makeup by adsorbing impurities without leaving makeup residue.


Cleansing element compounded of moisturizer which is used for skin care helps moist cleansing 

Moisclean, compounded of moisture clean element, helps to whisk away impurities t thoroughly leaving essential moisture on the skin.


Purifying tired skin from harmful environment

Blue Lotus which has purifying benefit helps to make skin clean and radiant.









Take appropriate amount on dry palm and apply them over the face to remove makeup. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

*It is okay to wash with Cleansing Foam depending on the preference.







Choose your favorite product of Super Aqua Cleansing - Series:





MISSHA Super Aqua Moisture Deep Cleansing Cream 200ml for heavy make up.

MISSHA Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam for mild cleansing.

MISSHA Super Aqua Fresh Cleansing Liquid removes also heavy make up very softly.

MISSHA Super Aqua One Step Cleansing Milk Foam for comfortable 1 step cleansing.

MISSHA Super Aqua No Wash Deep Cleansing Water for soft cleansing without afterwash.











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