MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Control Emulsion

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MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Control Emulsion

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100 ml = 13.69 €

MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Control Emulsion








Intensive moisturizing emulsion to help moisturize dry skin by reinforcing skin’s moisture level with natural bedrock water.




  • lot of moisture

  • perfect oil-moisture-balance

  • fills wrinkles up from deep inside

  • fresh teint full of energy

  • better make up adherance with moisturized skin





Natural bedrock water containing natural energy

Bedrock water from Blue Mountains containing natural energy for thousands of years helps to energize and moisturize the skin.

Healthy skin care by replacing purified water to mineral water

By containing abundant mineral water, instead of purified water, it helps skin maintain optimal condition.

Maintain moisture more amount, more widely and longer

Powerful Vitality Complex, an extract of plants that protect themselves from extreme climate, helps skin to absorb and hold in more moisture for longer time.

Nutritious emulsion to give flexibility to skin

It helps to care skin healthy, smooth and balanced by providing nutrient to skin.








1. More moisture absorbed by providing plenty of moisture.

2. Better spreading of moisture into various skin layers.

3. Perfect storage of moisture for many hours.








Fresh, clean and clear natural bedrock water discovered from natural cave from 1,300m altitude of Blue Mountain in Australia, designated as a world natural heritage is derived from the cave which has 200m depth by generator because of lack of electricity since the difficulty of human access.


Extracts from baobab, catus and birch tree which withstand the extreme climate helps intensive moisturizing by absorbing more moisture.




After applying serum, take an appropriate amount by pumping once or twice and smooth the whole face from middle to outside until fully absorbed.



Use MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Serie in following direction:





Toner > Eye Treatment > Serum > Emulsion > Cream






Use  Facial Oil for extra moisture kick to each step you like. Put one drop into toner, emulsion, cream, also bb cream or cushion.







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