MISSHA All Fixing Skinny Mascara (Clear Long)

MISSHA All Fixing Skinny Mascara (Clear Long)

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Superskinny waterproof mascara for clearly defined and endlessly long lashes! The brush captures even the smallest lashes to conjure up a fabulous lashes volume.




  • for long eyelashes full of vitality

  • waterproof

  • no smearing

  • natural look

  • clearly defined lashes without clumps




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  • The extremely slim brush with just 3.5mm diameter reaches even the shortest lashes in the corner of his eye to conjure an incredibly dense lashes volume.

  • The square brush comes all the way to the eyelashes, thus facilitating also the application on the lower lashes.

  • The waterproof formula fixes the lashes without smudging.

  • Micro Black Fibers and Lash Boosting polymer for a natural LongLasheffect.


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  1. Apply mascara after using the eyelash curler from the root to the outside.

  2. Repeat as necessary.


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