MISSHA Pop-Up Cara (Long Long Pop)

MISSHA Pop-Up Cara (Long Long Pop)

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100 g = 218.00 €

MISSHA pop-up Cara (Long Long Pop)




Lashes lifting and infinitely long eyelashes - no smearing!


  • Brings thin eyelashes in shape - all day long.
  • Long, well-defined lashes without smudging.
  • Extra water resistant.




  • The thin, banana-shaped brush follows the shape of the eyes and provides better adhesion to the eyelashes. Perfect Swing in no time.




  • High lashes! Special polymers help  to lengthen lashes and give a clear view through the deep black color.
  • Fast application, long-lasting energy! With the high-tension technology conjure yourself in no time beautiful, sweeping lashes.
  • Extra waterproof - no smearing!
  • Strong hold: Perfect protection against water and sweat!






Step 1: Place the inside of the brush to the eyelashes and mascara gently your eyelashes.

Step 2: Brush with the outside of the brush on the eyelash tips and the lower lashes to lengthen them.


Tip: For the perfect distance we recommend Eye Make-up Remover of MISSHA:

MISSHA Perfect Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover (Water-Proof)




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