MISSHA Time Revolution Vitality Cream

MISSHA Time Revolution Vitality Cream

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100 ml = 59.80 €

MISSHA Time Revolution Vitality Cream

Volume 50ml






Red complex fills the skin with revitalizing energy!





The cream for wrinkle & vitality care smoothes out and revitalizes overly tired rough skin

- Wrinkle repairing

Enables the skin to become resilient and as smooth as porcelain by enhancing fine wrinkles formed by repeated facial expressions

- Skin vitality care

Provides vitality to overly tired skin affected by the harmful external environment

- Moisturizing care

The elastic cream forms a moisturizing, comforting protective film over the skin





Red complex exists of Pomegranate, Hibiscus and Cranberry and boosts your skinvitality with lots of moisture, anti-aging- and firming-essences.







Further ingredients for a better resilience and elasticity are  DN-Aid TM und Trylagin TM:







At the last step of skincare, take an appropriate amount and dot across the entire face. Gently spread and wrap the face with two palms to maximize absorption into the skin.


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