MISSHA Bubble Maker

MISSHA Bubble Maker

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Gentle cleansing:

MISSHA Bubble Maker



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Why you shouldn ´t you enjoy the facial wash? With the soft, comfortable foam of MISSHA Bubble Maker your daily Cleansing gets transformed into  Comfort!



  • A gentle kind of cleansing
  • You may make all types of cleanser - soap, foam, gel, powder - into creamy bubbles!
  • This Bubble Maker helps your to minimize skin irritation




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First soak Bubble Maker into water, afterwards apply an appropriate amount of your facial cleanser onto the Bubble Maker.With a little water, squish and rub the Bubble Maker together to make bubbles and than using the bubbles to clean your face in circulation motion.



  • Do not rub Bubble Maker directly onto your face or skin. Use the bubbles for your cleansing!
  • While washing your face, don´t rub or pull your skin, be gentle and make it without any pressure
  • The Bubble Maker has to be replaced once every 3 months when the sponges get worn out by the use.


Attention: Caused by charge changes your product can look different to the one on the picture. Way of handling is absolutely ident, however.

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