MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler (Brown)

MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler (Brown)

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100 g = 1,942.86 €

The perfect tool for perfect brows!


MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler (Brown)

Volume 0,35g





  • Apply eyebrow without skin irritation

  • Apply eyebrow color which is matched with her hair color and skin color   

  • Eyebrow-Pencil and  -Brush in one





  • Soft Drawing

    Beginners can apply easily eyebrow with soft drawing

  • Soft Eyebrow Color

    Appropriate hardness and flat triangle type of pencil can help to apply neat and soft eyebrow

  • Long Lasting Effect

    Long lasting effect which is not removed easily by water or sweat due to excellent persistency

  • Attention: Don´t let the Perfect Eyebrow Styler fall on the floor, it could break!










  • Colorcomplex: Lemon, grapes, tomatoes and kiwis for vivid color and smooth skin.
  • Flowercomplex: Rosmarin and hibiscus for skinprotection.
  • Complex of strawberries, grapes, billberries and blackberries for lots of moisture.
  • Vitamin-E-Derivates for moisture and nutrition.







  • Draw exact lines with the slim side of the crayon.

  • Fill your brows with the broad side.

  • Put off the cap and style your brows with the brush.










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